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The DuraBond Linear Slide – A Tougher Solution Than Dovetail Slides, Standard Linear Guides and Linear Stages

Automated Industrial Motion (AIM), parent company of Durabond Slide, first developed our unique square gib, coated linear slide technology for the spring coiling industry where equipment can be subjected to extreme industrial environments. In most coiling applications very short, high speed repetitive tool moves are required to produce high volume precision springs. Common linear slide technologies such as bronze dovetail slides were not ideal for the harsh operating conditions in a factory environment. In general, dovetail slides are direct contact systems, making them fitting for heavy load applications including CNC machines, shuttle devices, special machines and workholding devices, but bronze dovetail slides wore out quickly and did not provide sufficient rigidity to achieve demanding tolerances. Additionally, traditional dovetail slides have difficulties with high-friction. Ball bearing slides tend to have a lower load capacity for their size compared to other linear slides because the balls are less resistant to wear and abrasions. In the case of roller bearing slides, small tool moves did not facilitate adequate bearing recirculation causing them to fail prematurely. Our heavy duty, industrial linear slide technology offers a great alternative to general use linear guides, linear stages, and dovetail slides built for less demanding conditions and lighter loads. With this linear slide technology breakthrough, our engineering team was eager to develop industrial linear slides for other heavy duty manufacturing applications and our commercially available line of metal DuraBond slides was born. Today, standard linear slide widths from 2” to 12” and base lengths from 4” to 32” are available in a variety of combinations. All models can be downloaded directly to your product design in 2D configurations and 3D models. Primary design advantages include low profile, high rigidity, maintenance free, long lasting linear slide performance. Our Rulon coated bearing surfaces are the principle design feature making the metal slides maintenance free with no lubrication. Bearing and mounting surfaces are precision machined and ground using the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing technologies. Automated Industrial Motion is a privately owned leader in the design and manufacture of linear slides, spring coiling and wire forming machinery and automation solutions for industry. Our new 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in beautiful Western Michigan. Our talented staff of engineers, designers and toolmakers is committed to providing the highest quality products, on time at a reasonable cost. DuraBond Slide Mission Statement By employing a highly skilled, dedicated team of people, AIM strives to provide high-quality value-added solutions to manufacturers. Customers will experience competitive advantages by investing in our innovative technologies used to manufacture our linear slides. With continuous improvement, exceptional support and on-time deliveries, long-term relationships will be established for the benefit of all stakeholders. DuraBond manufactures slides to your requirements and these products can also be referred to in the following ways: linear slides, industrial slides, linear slide systems, heavy duty slides, dovetail slides, linear guides, linear stages, industrial linear slides, slides for factory use, linear motion slides, linear motion bearings, linear positioners, rulon slides, teflon machine slides, PTFE machine slides, linear plane bearings, plane bearing slides, custom linear slides, manual positioning slides for pneumatic, hydraulic, hand feed, and servo applications, linear slide design, square gib linear slides, precision slides, machine slides, teflon plane linear bearings, telescoping linear slides, machinery slides.
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