Linear Slide-SW02-SL03-BL08-DuraBond Slide

Slide Width (In.): 2, Saddle Length (In.): 3, Base Length (In.): 8
DuraBond linear slides feature unique low profile, square gib, Rulon coated construction, machined for precision tolerances to provide high precision and rigidity with superior vibration dampening characteristics. Lubrication is not required and this feature, alone, can result in substantiallly enhanced performance. As a result, our linear motion slides will provide years of exceptional service to your company with little worry or problems. Our slides are primarily used in industrial applications including machine tool, special machine, power train, fixturing, workholding, metal machining, and manufacturing, in general.
Available Options: aluminum, stainless steel, steel bellows, accordian bellows, ball screw actuation, hydraulic cylinder actuation, pneumatic cylinder actuation, servo motor actuation, X-Y slides, X-Y-Z slides, telescoping slides, custom designed and built.


Price: $653.00

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