DuraBond Linear Slide Applications

CNC Machining

DuraBond slides are ideal for CNC Machining because the rapid, repetitive motion requires a durable, precise linear slide.


DuraBond slides can be configured to convey industrial robots of any size along a precise, guided path.

Machine Shop Retrofits

DuraBond slides can breathe new life into aging machine tools, like vintage lathes, mills and drills.

Harsh Environments

Since DuraBond slides are designed to work maintenance-free in extremely harsh conditions, moist, dry and even underwater applications are perfect for our slides.

Portable Machine Tools

Portable machine tools depend on durable linear slides that will perform in any environment, making them an excellent application for DuraBond slides.

High-Repetition Manufacturing

Any manufacturing workflow requiring precise linear motion at a high rate of repetition will benefit from DuraBond slides’ long-lasting performance.

Spring Coiling

DuraBond slides were originally developed for spring coiling applications, and they still keep all of our spring coiling equipment in motion.


We can customize DuraBond slides to move in three directions, while maintaining excellent load-bearing properties, making our slides ideal for high-capacity positioning requirements.


Conveyance systems, manufacturing automation and packaging are excellent uses for DuraBond’s versatile linear slide systems.

Defense Equipment

DuraBond slides are ideal for linear motion systems in defense equipment, including weapons and threat detection systems, because of their ability to perform in harsh environments.


Because of their ability to handle extreme forces, DuraBond slides are ideal for fabrication processes like bending, shaping and extruding.

Materials Handling

DuraBond slides are able to resist corrosion from a variety of acidic and basic materials, and so can be applied to projects requiring movement of hazardous materials.

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