Linear Slides - Tough, Industrial, Maintenance-Free
If problems with rigidity, lubrication, heat, cold, friction, wear, or corrosion are interferring on the path to a proper linear slide design solution, our low profile DuraBond Slides are a clear answer for top reliability and efficiency. Since 1985, we've been a top linear slide manufacturer - The Choice among Machine Tool Shops.
Our linear slides are specially made to operate dry, offering self-lubrication with high performance.
DuraBond Slide Applications
  • Wherever low-cost, high performance dry bearings are desired for service from 10,000 to 40,000 PV
  • Where bearing lubrication is undesirable or impossible
  • Where high temperatures up to 550°F or low temperatures down to -400°F occur, rendering oils useless
  • In corrosive environments, with non-lubricating liquids, or under conditions of high or low humdity, or where high vacuums are present
  • In lubricated applications where friction and wear rates are unacceptable during starting and stopping, or where stickslip is a problem
  • Where the electrical and insulative properties are important
  • Where space and weight must be saved
  • Where other linear slides-bronze, roller or ball bearing-are causing problems
  • Where vibration dampening is desirable

Standard Linear Slides

DuraBond Slides are available in six standard widths ranging from 2″ to 12″ and base lengths from 4″ to 32″. Our solid industrial slides are made with our unique low profile, square gib, linear slide construction provides high precision and rigidity with superior vibration dampening characteristics. DuraBond linear slides are used in heavy duty, industrial applications including machine tool, special machine and manufacturing in general.

  • Standard widths of 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 9″ and 12″
  • Standard base lengths from 4″ to 32″
  • Slides are precision machined and ground from high quality tool steel
  • Rulon coated bearing surfaces for low friction and long life
  • Designed and developed using 3D modeling software
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Machine Slides, Linear Slides Made in the USA
DuraBond's X-Y Servo Slide.
A Heavy-Duty Plane Bearing Slide for Industrial Applications.


Custom Linear Slides

DuraBond Slide can build custom linear slides designed for specific applications where standard linear slides may not be commercially available. Most available linear slides provide linear motion based on bearings, whether they are ball bearings, dovetail bearings or linear roller bearings. Linear stages, machine slides and other advanced slides use linear motion bearings to provide movement along both X and Y multiple axis. However, only Durabond Slide can enhance your custom manual positioning slide using our unique Rulon coated bearing surface feature, making your metal dovetail slides maintenance free, requiring no lubrication.

Linear Motion Slide Design Features

In general, our industrial motion bearings are designed to operate dry offering self-lubrication with high performance. The technical design data presented on the site represent typical performance values under controlled conditions. The requirements for you particular applications should be reviewed by a DuraBond Slide technical development engineer. Learn more about our linear bearing slide design criteria such as recommended operating limits, bearing pressure, bearing speed, and bearing PV. You’ll see the subtle, yet significant benefits of a DuraBond Slide.

Linear Slide CAD Library

Our linear slide drawings are free to download in your machine design drawings and will make your job easier without having to retrace from a PDF or other document. We have 3D DWG data files, STEP, and SLDASM SolidWorks files available and made for insertion/import into a variety of different CAD programs.